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Milena Balcarcel’s Idea

Milena Balcarcel’s idea was born because we wanted high-quality children’s clothing and accessories in Australia.
Most of us… parents, always think that buying high-quality clothes for our little ones is nonsense. Have you ever thought why to spend money on baby clothes if they outgrow everything so quickly? If you are thinking yes, well… you are not alone.
The Milena Balcarcel family started to change their mindset when we realized that we were buying a lot of children’s clothing every week. Once our children started crawling we would put garments into the washing machine twice and then straight into the bin. High-quality clothes like collections we offer in our online store, don’t shrink, keep their shape and look awesome all the time.
Reasons why we are bringing TucTuc to Australia:
  • It’s cheaper: Do your maths, buying high-quality children’s clothing will last longer because it will keep its shape and don’t fall apart after two washings. We also recommend our clients to buy bigger sizes so they last even longer. Our toddlers are 2 year-olds and they are already using sizes 3 and 4.
  • High-quality clothing looks great: We love all the clothing is inspired by the world of fantasy and fun that surrounds children. That’s why all the super-hero and robot collections we love so much! They also look very fashionable and children think is part of their play. My daughter surprises me when she always wants to wear her little monster blue jumper, she loves it and she wears it with her blue wig.
  • You can re-sell or pass it to your second child or give it to an op shop: They last for so long that you can sell it or pass it to siblings or cousins doing good to our world by recycling.
One of our favorites…our raincoats, they are fun to wear, fully lined and waterproof; they also keep your little one warm and dry all year round. Usually, they come with matching gumboots.
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