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How to prepare your kids for outdoor activities and wet weather adventures.

With Spring underway, it's time to start planning those exciting outdoor activities the family have been waiting for! Wether is fishing, hiking or simply playing in the backyard, don't let the seasonal transition showers prevent you, and you little ones from enjoying it. 

Three essential items to prepare your kids for outdoor activities and wet weather adventures. 

We all know how much kids love splashing water and jumping on puddles. Rain stimulates their creativity and creates a fun environment for them to play. 

Keep your little one protected from water without stoping them from having fun!

These are the three must have items in your children's wardrobe.

1) Raincoat:

Look for a comfortable and loose raincoat with a hood. 

Choose fun and colourful designs. If they are old enough, let them pick their favourite design so that they feel happy wearing it. 

Here are some stylish and practical raincoat ideas:





2) Rainboots 

Once you’ve found the perfect raincoat to suit his or her style, the next step for an enjoyable Spring is finding the right shoes. Rainboots are a popular choice because they are made of rubber, are flexible and comfortable to wear and easy to put on and off. Mum's also love them because they protect kids from getting wet and are extremely easy to clean!





3) Playful Warm Socks

Keep children warm with long and and socks. Your kids will love wearing these fun designs.




Lastly, don't forget to dress children with layers. Comfortable trousers or leggings, a long sleeve T-Shirt and a cozy sweater for the cooler days.

Now you are all set and ready to enjoy your wet weather adventures!

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